Recent Publications

We examine the importance of one-loop matching of the singlet onto the SM Effective Field Theory, quantifying the effects via a global …

We examine a deep relationship between enhanced couplings of the Higgs to light quarks and the di-Higgs production process at the LHC.

We examine SMEFT fits for common extensions of the SM to understand how global fits should be interpreted in the context of new …

We extend our analysis of NLO corrections in the SMEFT on $WW$ and $WZ$ to include the $WH$ and $ZH$ processes.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

We show that the events at KOTO can be explained by a minimal scalar extension of the Standard Model.

An overview of flavorful new physics and its relation to the Higgs boson, particularly in the context of SFV.

An investigation of the WH production process in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory using the Machine Learning tool MadMiner.


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